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Toaster - that helps in house chores!

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Everyone is now busy in need of livelihood. Many people do not wake up in the morning to make bread. There are many types of gadgets to make kitchen work easier. The toaster is one such kitchen gadget. Toasting bread with a toaster is as fun as it is easy to finish. Toast also destroys the germs in the bread.
Origin of toaster :
Alan McMaster and Cromton Stephen J. Toaster were the first to make it in 1893. But there was a slight mistake in their innovation. They used iron wire in the heating element. As a result, the wire would melt and a spark would be created. Frank Schiller, a technician at the General Electric Company in the United States, later successfully built an electric toaster on a commercial basis in 1909. However, the toaster of that time was completely non-automatic, meaning that after one side toast, the toast had to be brought out by hand. But now automatic toasters are available. No need to hold hands.
Toaster type:
There are basically two types of toasters. Automatic and non-automatic toasters. Again, according to the structure and function, there are four types of toasters - pop-up toaster, pop-down toaster, oven toaster, conveyor toaster. Non-automatic toasters do not have a thermostat, so bread is often not fully baked. This type of toaster uses a push-to-turn system. After placing slices of bread in the toaster suits, it falls into the dropping lever and the filament supply is turned on. When the bread is baked, it has to be picked up with something. The toaster turns off after the lifting liver bread has risen to the top. Since there is no thermostat, the time of baking the bread cannot be understood. Many times the bread becomes overcooked or may even burn.
 The main components of automatic toaster are- (a) automatic pop-up system; (B) the heating element or filament; (C) thermostat; (D) Clock timer and (e) Electromagnet. After baking the bread in it, it rises to the top by itself and the filament goes off. As a result, the bread or toast is no longer burned. It has a clock timer and thermostat so you can set the time and bake the bread in it. And because of the electromagnet, the toaster keeps the pop-up lever on hold during operation. Once the allotted time is up. The electromagnet is de-energized and the pop-up lever is restored. Currently, automatic toasters are more commonly used.

Toaster care:
The toaster is to be cleaned regularly. Must be done at least once or twice a week. Toaster cleaning rules:
1) First notice if the toaster is cold. Cool very well. Be sure to switch off.
2) Place the toaster on a table or in a flat position and take out the bread tray. Remove the bread crumbs from the tray and clean. If there is no tray, turn the toaster over and clean the bread crumbs.
3) If the bread does not come out of the toaster tray, soak the two trays in hot water mixed with soap. Then rub well and wash with water. Now wipe dry with a towel.
4) Clean the surface of the tray with a brush and wipe with a towel.
5) Mix a little vinegar in the towel and wipe the tray, it will make the toaster shine.
6) Finally re-place the tray.

The survival of anything depends on care. It is more important to take care of electronics. When the toaster is finished, it should be re-wrapped in a cloth after cooling so that cockroaches do not attack.
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