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Iron - how to use!

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At first glance, the beautiful outfit you wear reveals your personality in front of others. But no matter how clean the clothes you wear, if they are curled up, there is nothing left to say about the beauty of the clothes. If you want to get up in the morning and go to the office, school-college or somewhere, ironing the clothes should be on the list of daily thoughts.
The garment does not always have to be expensive, it can be made beautiful even if it is a light colored ordinary cotton cloth. From boys 'shirts and pants to girls' salwar kameez and other clothing should be worn with iron. When the cloth is ironed by laundry, the folds of the cloth remain as smooth as new.
It is not always possible for many people to go to the laundry to get ironed or to wait for clothes to be brought. So it is better to buy an iron at home. This saves some time and money. If you are thinking of buying a dress, there are some things you must keep in mind before and after use. Let's not know-
1) Iron that is currently available in the market has the advantage of water or spray. The iron has a water chamber and water vapor escapes through the holes in the heating plate, so there is no need to spray water separately during ironing. So see if you have this advantage when buying.
2) There are two types of iron available in the market, brand and non-brand. It is possible to get after-sales service for branded irons.
3) When buying iron, buy light by looking at the plastic body. Such irons are easy to use.
4) Adjust the temperature according to the fabric. E.g.
-Set 400 degrees Fahrenheit in the case of cotton fabrics.
-In case of polyester fabric, it has to be kept at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise the fabric gets damaged.
-Silk means soft, light and fine quality fabric. So the temperature during ironing should not be more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Linen type fabrics wrinkle more so they have to be ironed at a temperature of 445 degrees Fahrenheit.
-It is not necessary to iron a siphon georgette type cloth, but if you have to, you have to do it in 285 degrees Fahrenheit.
-Also rayon cloth should be between 365 degrees, lycra cloth should be between 275 degrees and wool cloth should be between 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
5) Iron the cloth in a flat position. So when ironing clothes, you have to spread thick kantha on the table or floor below.
6) When ironing a blouse or shirt, first iron the sleeves and collar first then iron the rest.
6) Invert the pillow or sofa cushion upside down. If there is a monogram on the table mat, iron it from the opposite side.
6) If the hand-made block, handpainted or screenprinted clothes are ironed from the opposite direction, the color is right.
9) For those who have to use perfume every day or the perfume that is your special choice, spray it on the clothes and then iron it. The scent of the perfume will last for a long time.
10) Keep small children away when ironing clothes.
11) When connecting the iron, check the connection well with the switch board.
12) When the clothes are ironed, cool the clothes for an hour and then put them in the cupboard. The clothes will stay good for a long time.
12) Do not forget to plug out and keep in a safe place when the iron is finished.
Iron is easy to use at home if you keep the above points in mind.
Iron of different brands are available in the market. The price of branded iron is higher than that of non-branded iron. However, Walton's iron price and meaning are reliable. The price of Walton brand iron starts from 730 taka. Understand guaranteed cashback by buying Walton Iron from Osellers.

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