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Bamboo Mat

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Bamboo is one of the almost extinct handicrafts of Bangladesh. This is a folk art. The main medium of these industries is bamboo.

About 26 species of bamboo are found in different parts of our country. Among these, it is easy to make works of art with talla bamboo, boira bamboo and radish bamboo. Nowadays, just as people are leaning towards urbanization, they are also promoting artistry in their daily life. Bamboo cane mat is one such industry. The unique feeling that can come to the habitat in use. This type of mat can be used in the living room or bedroom. Quite convenient to carry. If you want to take it from one place to another, it can be easily rolled up. Lying on a bamboo mat is quite comfortable. Bamboo is a natural product so it is environmentally friendly. This product has a tradition-like appeal. So this mat is definitely acceptable to any fancy person.

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