Trimmer - helps you at home!

Trimmer - helps you at home!

Just as long hair enhances a woman's beauty, so does an elegant haircut and beard. Some people grow long beards while others do not grow beards or mustaches at all, which is called clean shaving. But the style of cutting and keeping the beard has also changed keeping pace with the time and era. Many wear long beards for religious purposes. Again, many people want to keep different designs or a certain amount of length. In the old fashioned way, razors, razors, scissors, etc. can be used to cut hair and beard. However, in the current situation, that is, during the Corona period, many people are hesitant to go to the hairdresser and get a haircut. Many people do not want to go to the salon to take health risks. The solution for them is the trimmer. You can cut your hair or beard at home whenever you want.

Before buying anything you must understand how much the thing will meet your needs and wants. Go buy the thing after verifying everything. That's what you have to think about when buying a trimmer. There are trimmers with large clippers for cutting big hair and beard. There are also trimmers with small clippers to make it smaller. There are also trimmers for thinning hair or nose hair that can be used by both men and women. Now you are aware of your needs. So go to the market and buy a clipper.

Trimmer type: -
There are two types of trimmers available. Wireless and wireless. It is better to buy a wireless trimmer. It can be used in any location as it has transportation facilities. You can work with this type of trimmer while sitting in different parts of the house, there is no problem in pulling it. If you are going to go out somewhere, you can fully charge the trimmer in your bag. Many people think that wireless trimmers are less efficient, and wire trimmers are better. But that's not really the case. The power of the trimmer does not depend on the cable, but rather on the quality of the trimmer.

Trimmer for boys and girls: -
 There are trimmers for girls as well as for boys. The same in terms of features and needs, only different in terms of use. The girls' trimmer is designed to cut thin hair and fur and has a flexible or curling system. Apart from this one aspect, there is no difference in boys and girls trimmer.

How to use the trimmer: -
Many people are skeptical about how to use the trimmer. Here's how to use a trimmer:
1) First wash your beard or hair well with water. So that the dust does not get stuck. Dry.
2) Then comb with a comb.
3) Then set the clipper in the trimmer according to the length of your choice.
4) Turn on the machine and trim from the opposite side of hair or beard growth.
5) When finished, wash again with warm water and Dettol. So that short beards or hair do not get stuck in the skin or gaps.
6) When dry, apply beard oil or gel.

Things to keep in mind when buying a trimmer.
1) First of all, the battery should have a good back up in the wireless trimmer.
2) Find out if there are different sized clippers to attach to the trimmer.
3) The advantage of setting different lengths for styling. Basically, clippers come in different sizes between 3-9 mm.
4) It is better to check whether the battery is removable or replaceable.
5) There should be facilities like cleaning after use. When cleaning the bathroom basin, make sure it is waterproof so that water does not enter.

Trimmer care:
1) Do not forget to wash the trimmer well after use. So that short cut hair does not get stuck in the clipper or machine.
2) You can open the machine by pressing the clipper like a guard and clean the machine with the brush or old brush in the packet.
3) Wipe and dry well after washing.
4) If you do not have a system to change the clipper, after washing and drying, put a little oil on the blade. Then the blade will not rust easily.
5) After using the trimmer, always keep it in a place that is out of reach of children.

Just like the clothes you wear can enhance your personality, if you are a tasteful man, then your hair and beard cut must also be beautiful. Ignoring the long line at the salon, there is no substitute for a trimmer to get your desired look at home.

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