TV - Remember some tips before you buy!

TV - Remember some tips before you buy!

There was a time when there was no television in the house. It could be seen that there was a TV in ten houses in one neighborhood and that was invaluable to everyone. Again, if it is colored, then there is no point. Then times changed. Color or black and white TVs came to every house. The era has changed. TV in everyone's hands. In this age of internet and mobile, no one is attracted to TV like before. As before, the thing like everyone sitting together and watching TV has decreased. But fortunately, the demand for TV has not yet completely faded. Still, on special days, everyone sits together and watches TV. Such as - popular Eid events or World Cup games.

With the passage of time, the type of TV has also changed with the advent of technology. LED, LCD, Plasma, OLED TV are the most popular types of TV today. If you are thinking of buying a TV, this article is for you. There are some things to keep in mind before buying a TV. They are discussed below

1) Before buying a TV, of course think about the size of the TV. The place where it will be convenient to watch TV
Select. If the TV is 32 inches, the seating distance must be 4 feet. 40-46
Required. And around the TV should be 1 or 2 inches of space to keep it warm
6 feet for inch TVs and 9 feet for 55 to 65 inch TVs
There is an advantage in air emissions.

2) If you buy an LED TV, you must buy a "1080p" TV. The "720p" TV is not a full HD LED TV.

3) If you want to install with set top box, then definitely try to buy a big screen TV. And all modern in it  of course, the type of file format is supported and the cable has all the advantages,Check it out.

4) When you go to buy a TV, you may like the TV but do not like the sound. No worries. Buy an offer bar of 2.1 channel and connect it to the TV. Enjoy the TV sound as you like.

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