Remember when buying a mobile!

Remember when buying a mobile!

Mobile phone!

Currently the most used and popular medium or device in the world. The word 'mobile' means mobile or portable. This device is called mobile because it can be easily carried from one place to another. This device is also known as a cellphone, handphone, mobile phone.

Mobile Discovery:

Dr. Martin Cooper and John Francis Mitchell are credited with being the first mobile inventors. In April 1983, the two of them successfully made a call through a handheld phone that weighed about 1 kg. The first commercial version of the mobile phone came on the market in 1983, the phone was called Motorola DynaTAC 8000x.

Network work:

Mobile operators arrange their service areas as cells or fields in the form of triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, or hexagons. Services are provided in these areas through a few network stations. These stations are located at the corners of the field. This is called cellphone because the service is provided by sharing in many cells.

Mobile activities:

Notable among the various uses of mobiles are- sending and receiving e-mails, SMS or text messages, calculators, currencies, signaling functions, internet usage, playing games; taking pictures and videos; watching clocks; recording conversations etc. Many new features are being added to the mobile with the help of technology day by day.

Mobile care:

Since mobile is an important device for daily use, care should be taken in its use. Also since it is an electronics device some precautions must be followed.

1) Never talk on the phone or listen to music on headphones with a mobile charge.

2) ‘Protector glass’ should be fitted so that there is no direct stain on the screen of the mobile.

3) Be careful about giving personal information in any app.

4) When the mobile is fully charged, open it.

5) Before buying a mobile, do not forget to check the RAM, ROM, memory support system.

6) When buying a mobile phone, you must see the processor. The better the processor, the smoother the function of the mobile.

6) Camera is an important part of mobile. When buying, check the quality of both front and back cameras.

6) Mobile screen means display size is 5-6 inches is better. Display HD, Full HD, or WVGA must check it.

9) If the battery of the mobile is more than 4000 mAh, the charge will be longer and if it is less, there is a possibility of running out of charge soon.

10) At present there are various facilities available on mobile. For example, Face unlocking, Finger Print unlock, WiFi Hotspot, USB OTG support, App clone, Latest android version, etc. There are features that do not forget to check.

11) Do not forget to put the cover on the mobile. If there is a cover, the color of the mobile is not lost easily and if it accidentally falls out of the hand, there is not much damage.

Remembering the above before and after buying a mobile phone makes it easier to use it during and after buying a mobile phone.