Refrigerator - keep the things in mind !

Refrigerator - keep the things in mind !

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"Refrigerator" - what we all know as a fridge. The fridge is one of the most popular electronic devices in our household. It can artificially store food and drink and keep it fresh for a long time.

Origin of refrigerator 6

Ice was first used to cool food. However, artificial refrigeration began in the mid-1850s, and was further developed in the early 1800s. The first effective water vapor-compression refrigerator system was developed in 1834. The first commercial ice-making mill was invented in 1854. Home refrigerators were made in 1913. Then in 1923, the first self-contained single refrigerator was built by the Frigidair Company. The refrigerator market expanded in the 1930s after Freon's discovery. Home freezers came in the 40's, with separate compartments larger than necessary to hold ice cubes. Before the advent of the refrigerator, frozen food was a luxury, but now it is out of reach.


The various parts of the refrigerator 6

The refrigerator has a part as a thermal insulation compartment. Another part takes the heat out of the fridge. This keeps the inside colder than the outside of the fridge. The temperature inside it is slightly above the melting point. Bacteria can reproduce less at low temperatures and cannot spread. The optimum temperature for food storage in the fridge is 3 to 5 degrees. Which is on the Fahrenheit scale from 36 to 41 F ..


Before buying, keep in mind:

At present refrigerators with various designs and additional facilities are available in the market. Moreover, you can buy new, old two types of refrigerators if you want. If you want to buy a fridge, here are some things you should keep in mind:

1) Before buying a fridge, you must choose a place. The fridge should be placed in a place where it will be convenient to open the door of the fridge and there will be space for ventilation around.

2) There are two types of refrigerators - frost and non-frost. Frost is frozen so that the ice freezes. And the non-frost is frozen so that the ice does not freeze. Understanding your needs, you can save and buy your own fridge.

3) If your budget and demand is low, you can buy a one-door refrigerator. And if you need a big fridge, you can buy a fridge with two doors. Normal and deep fridge with two doors means fridge with separate doors.

4) The most important aspects when buying - compressor, energy star rating, body and door.

--Compressor is the most important thing in the case of refrigerator. The better the compressor, the more durable the fridge. So even if the price is high, buy a compressor that looks good. Because the compressor saves electricity and controls voltage fluctuations.

- The higher the energy rating, the better for the fridge. Energy rating means saving energy. Four, five rating fridges are better.

- Avoid body and door metal if it can rust. And if it's made of fiber, feel free to buy it.


5) When buying a fridge, you must check the warranty of the fridge. The compressor has a warranty of 5,6,10 years. Also keep in mind the color and durability of the fridge.

6) It is better to match the color of the fridge with the interior of your home.

6) Do not forget to put a stabilizer in the fridge. This keeps the fridge safe in the event of a voltage outage.
6) Do not leave the fridge door open for a long time and do not close the door loudly.

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