Product scheduling and delivery on e-commerce site

Product scheduling and delivery on e-commerce site

E-commerce is very familiar to all of us. The job of e-commerce is to bring the products, services, etc. of their choice to the active people on the internet.

According to the steps of e-commerce - you have to create a website, do SEO, create content, do social media marketing, etc. After the steps are completed, the thought comes about the product or service. Finding out what products you want to work with, where to find the product is something to think about. You can get the product in three ways- you can make the product yourself, you can buy the product from someone, or you can work as a promoter or distributor with someone's product.

If you make and sell the product yourself, the profit is higher but there is also some risk. If you want to sell your own product, first spend more money. When selling self-made products, you have to take the responsibility of maintaining the quality of the product and filling all the shortcomings. About 95% of the shopkeepers in our country buy and sell products from others. This can also be done in the case of e-commerce. You can collect your designated product from a wholesale store and then upload it to your page or site. And if you want to be a distributor of someone else's product or do business by promoting someone else's product, then your profit will be very low. If you can sell someone else's product, the commission you get will be your profit.

Things to keep in mind when it comes to e-commerce -

1) Product quality is the first condition of successful business. People can't buy products online, they have to buy pictures. So you have to keep an eye on the quality of the product.

2) To gain the trust of the customer. The product you will order must be cleared and delivered to the customer at the right time.

3) Make sure that your page or site has a variety of products in stock. When it is finished, it has to be re-stocked or removed if it is not possible.

4) Try to understand well what your customer wants to buy or know. Seeing your usage and product quality will increase your acceptance in the customer community.

5) If a customer misbehaves with you or shows an error after buying the product, calmly resolve it.

6) Keep giving all the updates including the product till the product reaches the customer.

After determining the product, collecting, communicating with the customer comes the thought of product delivery. Choose the medium through which the product is delivered for the benefit of you and the customer.

1) Use courier service to deliver goods to customers outside your city. This ensures that the product reaches the right place.

2) If your customer wants home delivery facility, then give home delivery through your trust.

3) If your budget is limited, you can arrange the delivery with your own people.

4) Make sure that the product does not take much time to arrive after ordering.

There is a lot of customer satisfaction involved in making your page or site a success. So try to remember the things described above. These will help you to handle the customer after marketing your page or site.