Petting Cat - Some things to keep in mind

Petting Cat - Some things to keep in mind

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Cat - a pet that is well known to all of us. Many people think that keeping a cat is a difficult task. But keeping cats is relatively easy. The cat itself keeps its body and fur clean.

The cat has to be given enough time to play. Give the cat toys to play with. Cats don't just have to be kept. All the details about cats need to be kept in mind. Let's find out

1) The first condition to keep a cat is to find out if everyone in your household likes cats. Because cats prefer to be in a caring environment.

2) Before bringing the cat, the house should be catproof. Doors, windows, washroom ventilators mean all possible passages through which cats can go out of the house should be closed using nets.

3) Arrange for cat urination in a certain corner of the house or in a dry place. You can put it in a big bowl or box with dry paper or sand. There are also some separate pet shops where litterboxes are available.

4) If you have various electrical equipment, keep them organized. And make sure that the electrical plug or its side does not get wet or wet.

5) If there are plants in the veranda, then some grass also grows in it. This is because cats often eat grass when needed and vomit toxins.

6) If you want to keep ferns in the tree tub, you can keep other species of ferns besides asparagus.

6) If the cat is three months old, it should be vaccinated against rabies.

6) Let the cat drink clean water. Always keep water in a clean container and change it if necessary.

9) When feeding the cat, feed on one side of the mouth, especially liquid food or medicinal food.

10) Always keep the cat food container and place clean.

11) Never cut your nails before the cat is six months old. And never cut too much or too deeply. This can cause nerve damage and even kill the cat.

12) Do not give cockroaches or rat medicine at home. Cats can inadvertently eat.

13) Always let your cat eat more non-vegetarian and fatty foods.

14) Keep the cat free from fear. Cats do not like noisy environments. So make it a place for cats to stay a little higher where trouble and noise do not reach.

15) Pay attention to the behavior of the cat. If you see any behavioral changes in your cat, you will understand that your cat is suffering from an illness.

16) Vaccinate your cat with all kinds of vaccines in time.

17) If you go out with a cat, you must leave enough food and water in the house. If you have four or five hours in summer, homemade food is wasted. So you can make the cat get into the habit of eating dry food like cat food.

18) Make sure your cat is allergic to certain foods or things. Many cats have allergies to red meat or shrimp.

19) If you want to leave the cat for a long time and go somewhere, then leave it with someone safe and familiar so that there is no problem with his eating habits.

20. Cats do not like to be in a dark and damp environment. So if you leave the cat, keep the lights on at home.

Keeping the above in mind makes it much easier to keep cats.