Let's read about Nonstick Cookware!

Let's read about Nonstick Cookware!

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Nonstick pans are now very popular with chefs. Chattikhani is not a matter of standing in the heat for hours on end in the cooking oven. If you are a little careless, the food burns and sticks to the bottom of the dish. And that's why nonstick cookware is more valuable than the left pot. Because these are non-stick, it means food does not stick to it. There is no risk of food burning. Moreover, it takes less oil to cook in this pan.

Origin of nonstick pan:

 Nonstick pans use aluminum, silicon and special types of iron. On top of this, a lining of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is given. While researching on the refrigerator, the scientists got its whereabouts. Dr. Dupont of New Jersey in the United States. Plunkett invented the nonstick pan. To cool, make 100 pounds of tetrafluoroethylene gas and put it in a small cylinder. The next day, when the mouth of the cylinder was opened, when something inside could not be taken out or understood, I was forced to cut the cylinder. There was a slippery substance inside. Later, French engineer Marc Gefegooa made nonstick pans by converting tetrafluoroethylene gas into aluminum. In 1958, they established the Tefal Corporation. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved PTFE as a cooking ingredient in 1980. Gradually it gained popularity in the West. And now it is one of the essentials of the kitchen.

It is important to take care:

If you don't take care of the nonstick cooker set, it can break down as fast as a normal pot. The cover is the real thing. Food does not burn because of this coating. Iron or steel rods can stain the coating, so it is best to move it with a wooden or plastic stick or spatula. Nonstick pans can be purchased as a set or as a single. In the set, there are pots with lids of two sizes, big and small. At present nonstick fry pans, cauldron shaped pans, saucepans, tea pots, grills and pizza pans, baking molds etc. Pots of different colors are available in the market and the lids are made of glass and steel.

There are some things to keep in mind when using nonstick pans

  • ·         Do not stir food with anything hard in the pan. The thin coating can be lifted.
  • ·         Stains can fall off if used for several days. Mix vinegar in a little water and stir it for a while on low heat.
  • ·          Do not clean the pan with hard wire mesh. Cover may be damaged.
  • ·         Do not clean with alkaline soap, sand, ash.
  • ·         Do not leave the empty pan with oil after eating. Must wash and clean.

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