E-Commerce - remember some points

E-Commerce - remember some points


The most popular term today is ‘e-commerce’. The term e-commerce is short for 'electronic commerce'. Electronic network means the use of the Internet in various electronic devices to buy and sell goods, money transactions and data exchange e-commerce.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is usually done through Bitubi, Bitusi, Situsi. Bitumen (B2B) means done between one business organization and another business organization. B2C is the consumer relationship with the business organization. And C2C is the consumer-to-consumer relationship. E-commerce sites do business in these three ways.

E-Commerce and Bangladesh:

Although the digital industrial revolution started in developed countries, it has gradually spread to developing countries like Bangladesh in the 21st century. The first e-commerce business was launched in Bangladesh in 2009. The popularity of several e-commerce sites has created interest in online shopping among the people of the country.

Requirement in e-commerce:

In order to start an e-commerce business, it is first necessary to formulate a business management plan with a business model. More strategic issues to include in the plan:


1. Create website

2. Do search engine optimization (SEO) of the website;

3. Product or content marketing;

4. Branding of e-commerce organizations;

5. Taking the help of social media;

6. Product advertising;

7. Taking and uploading audio and video;

8. Ability to write about regular products and create interesting headlines;

9. Research or survey to determine the demand for a product or content;

10. Banking and mobile banking facilities for payment;

11. Cargo transportation system;

12. Communication with the consumer.

The e-commerce system has taken the technology world one step further. It can be said that e-commerce sites have helped a lot in the recent difficult times. The product is delivered to the house as per the demand of the consumers. All in all, e-commerce business has benefited people a lot. Not only with products but many people have become self-sufficient in e-commerce business, entrepreneurs have entered life.