SEO - need to know

SEO - need to know


An e-commerce business needs an attractive and reliable website first. Search engine optimization (SEO) is done after creating and securing a website. The reason for doing SEO is to make the website easily available in search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a method by which one's website or blog is featured in the search results of various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon etc. The reason to do SEO is to bring the desired traffic to the site or blog. SEO is the process of bringing a site or blog to the results page of those search engines by following the rules of different search engines.

Why do SEO?

SEO is basically some search engine rules that if followed or applied, the search engine considers the desired site or blog as important and ranks and ranks it as a result on the search page. In today's world of competition there are numerous articles or blogs on the subject. So when you search, the sites or blogs that are SEO come to the fore. Without SEO, it is impossible for visitors to come to a site or blog through search engines or to get traffic. So you have to do website SEO.

What are the types of SEO?

There are basically three ways to do SEO on a website. Onpage SEO, Technical SEO and Offpage SEO. Onpage SEO is about dealing directly with the issues within the site. It has to do with technical and internal issues of the website, but it is a bit different. Offpage SEO is about doing SEO on topics outside of the website.

The things to do onpage SEO are:

    1) The title of the website

    2) Website description

    3) Meta keyword tag of the website

    4) The title or name of the pictures used on the website

    5) Alt tags of images used on the website

    6) Captions of images used on the website

    7) Interaction between different pages of the website

    8) External link of the website with another website

 Notable among the issues of technical SEO are:

    1) Site speed

    2) Indexing

    3) Crowability

    4) Mobile friendliness

    5) Site architecture

    6) Structured data

    6) Security

Notable among the topics of offpage SEO

    1) Discuss and share on social media or social sites

    2) Number of backlinks or links to other websites

Basically working on these issues is SEO. Emphasizing these, an e-commerce site or any thematic or personal website is bound to be successful. SEO brings traffic to the site. The site ranks first in the search results of search engines.